Too busy to care?

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

" I am too busy", "I wish I had the time".

Those that know me, they would remember my dinner often consisted of a cup of milk and digestive biscuits. Or a chocolate bar. Or a supermarket pizza. My friends and family would know that I used to say I was "too busy to cook" LONG before I had three kids (and a husband), a never ending pile of washing, a job as self-employed and the energy of a sleep deprived sloth.

Cooking was a rare thing in my '20s and cooking healthy food even rarer.(It might sound bizarre that an Italian didn't cook but believe me, it happens more often than you think!)

When I became a mum, things did change, of course, but while I was ensuring my little beings were getting plenty of vitamins and nutrients from organic and homemade food, I didn't pay half as much attention into what I was eating.

After all, they need to grow and I am a fully grown adult, right?

So it wasn't until my diagnosis that my attitude towards myself changed completely.

I learnt a lot about the paramount role of a healthy, balanced diet not only in the recovery process but also as prevention against other diseases.

I started to care about myself in a more profound and less superficial way. I moved the focus from the things that were not essential ( I used to be really busy with them 😂😂) to what was absolutely vital: feeding myself properly.

And this was not just strictly speaking the food but also the act of cooking, the time set aside to look after my well being and the amazing impact on my soul, my energy levels and my mood.

It suddenly struck me how we live in a culture where not cooking is very much the norm, supermarket shelves are filled with pseudo food with endless lists of obscure ingredients and we seem to have run out of time to make THE most essential thing for our survival.

So now when days are jam packed with things that I need to do,I stop and think which one of those things can be pushed down the priority list and I always make the time to put on my plate something delicious, comforting, colourful and healthy.

Because I am never going to be too busy to care.

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