If only I had known the importance of a balanced diet when I was a little girl. Not only to keep healthy but also to prevent the most common illnesses such as cancer, cardio vascular diseases, diabetes...

If only I had known it during pregnancy, as a gesture of love towards my children and their future.

If only I had known the importance of my diet after my cancer diagnosis, as a way to get the strength I needed  to face surgery and therapy.

If only I had known it after the cancer surgery and during therapy.


It’s easy to look back at life with lots of “what ifs”. As if the present is something we can no longer change.

I can admit that my experience with cancer has not been easy: three young children, far from my home country and family. I had only given birth 5 months before and, at 37, I didn’t expect cancer would ever happen to me.


But it did happen. And all the “what ifs” made their way into my head. I realised though that looking back doesn’t change the present or the future.

At the time of my diagnosis so many friends, old and new, helped me to change the way I looked at what was happening.

We are all born with genetic inheritance and sometimes a predisposition to illness. But nothing is certain and even the most recent scientific discoveries show what an important role the environment plays. And we are the environment: our choices, our lifestyle.

I started from the most natural act we make every day: nourish ourselves and the people we love. I started with the most natural act that we do every day: eating and how we nourish ourselves and those we love.

Over millions of years nature has survived inspite of the dangers and challenges thrown at it.

This knowledge is hidden in the raw materials we feed on, those that haven’t been processed and changed beyond recognition of humans..

Finding out about the role diet has in a healthy lifestyle and in the prevention of the most common illnesses of our time has helped me to look into the future with a new confidence.

A future that is not only mine.

The key to our future and that of our planet is a diet based on sustainable, locally sourced food.

It has been a revelation to me to rediscover this connection with nature. Not only from a medical point of view but also from a spiritual one too.


Back to Strength comes from this journey. A journey I wanted to share with others, regardless of experiences or walks of life. Back to Strength is the return to a strength that is part of who we are , because we belong to nature that has been around for millions of years. A new relationship with nature to be rediscovered, nurtured and protected. Starting from the little everyday choices, what we eat.


Useful information can be found on the World Cancer Research Fund 

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